Even at wound location, dead cells, which were own-self few minutes back, are treated as non-self and treated like any other microbe/fungi/virus.

This is vital indication that Human immune system is not so much antimicrobial or antiviral as it is anti–non-self.

So much of brainwashing in last century about Microbes as enemy, virus as enemy, nature as enemy, is hurting our immunity (Self-identity) greatly.

Hence, plague of immune system disorders. Various levels of identity crisis.

Potent solution is: Self-realization by Meditation and concentration. This is possible when mind is calm and stable. Calm and stable mind is possible when you spend good amount of time with mother nature.

Experimental suggestions:

1) Spend at least sunrise and sunset time with mother nature.
2) Plan at least 1 trip to mountain, river, jungle for a week period during period of 1 year.
3) Develop interest in gardening, farming, tree plantation.