In most households, kids talk more often with gadgets and TV. And due to this passive communication, their emotional and language growth is severely injured.

Injuries in mind-space, sense-space are difficult to spot. By the time we spot, it is too late.

Take care.

“…parents in impoverished homes speak less to their children..”
This is true for rich families too. So many of new parents in my generation and social structure speak very less with their kids. Above that, they live in confined nuclear set up. Kids get very less listening sessions. Only major listening happens in front of TV :D.
Human Speech’s Surprising Influence on Young Infants
SPEAK MORE with YOUR KIDS. THEY LOVE TO LISTEN. MORE you speak, more they learn.
“These new results, culled from several different labs including our own, tell us that infants as young as 2 or 3 months of age not only love to listen to speech, but that they learn about fundamental cognitive and social relations better in the context of listening to speech than in any other context we’ve discovered yet. Nobody would have thought that,”