For my successful public life, I need healthy laws. Unfortunately, I don’t have it.
For my personal life, I have healthy laws (they are called eternal laws or सनातन स्व धर्म).Unfortunately, I don’t follow them.

Lack of implementation healthy public laws (HPL) -> degradation of National Character.
Lack of implementation of healthy eternal laws (सनातन धर्म) (HEL) -> Degradation of personal character.

HPL = Healthy Public Laws = Right to Recall, Transparent Complaint procedure, Jury system etc.
HEL = Healthy Eternal laws = (सनातन धर्म = 8 principles of Patanjali, Krishna’s Gita – This does not include fake spiritual Gurus.)

Suppose, we have bad HPL implementation as well as bad HEL implementation -> This is current situation. Wicked National character. Wicked individuals. I don’t count exceptions like you who are reading this. You are good at implementing HEL and may good at HPL too but majority are not.

Suppose, we have good following for HEL but we ignore HPL -> Weak National character, weak personal character since individual cannot perform his/her public duties rightfully so even if they are good at HEL, bad HPL won’t give them good living.

Suppose, we have good following for HPL but we ignore HEL -> Strong National Character but weak personal character. This weak National character shouldn’t be ignored as they have tendency to degrade good HPL.

lever cell cannot work well if Body fails. Body cannot work if lever cell fails.

HPL cannot ignore HEL. HEL cannot ignore HPL. We need eternal efforts in both i.e. HEL and HPL. National character building as well as personal character building. If ignore any of them, your dream of eternal mighty civilization will vanish.

Any political movement(National refinement), without support of spiritual movement(Individual refinement), is destined for premature collapse.
Any spiritual movement(Individual refinement), without support of political movement(National refinement), is fake movement producing weak followers at the most.
Spiritual movement without health movement is destined for collapse.
Political movement without education movement is also destined for collapse.

Politics + Spirituality + Health + Education = अभ्युदय

In fact, HPL is zoom-in version of HEL and HEL is micro-version of HPL. Ignore one of them and you (and your National identity i.e Bharat Maa) remain in slumber forever