You understand maths but that does not mean your neighbor cannot eat apple until she realizes gravity equation proof!

Rishi seers of this land knew that not all can understand laws of nature in complex formulas. They suggested simple prescriptions that all can follow. सर्वजनहिताय!

If you have urge to find mathematics behind all natural flows, do it. No one will stop you. But don’t mock someone who are acting and aligning life with mother nature with faith and devotion.

Yes, if there are correction needed. Prove and show the way. If they are indeed Sanatana (eternal) , society will follow you!

#SeasonDrivenLife #FestivalDrivenLife #उत्सवप्रियजीवन Live and reap benefits while you eventually realize mathematics behind it.

My sheer efforts are to revive the rituals in their own original forms. I also try to understand science behind it. But that is secondary. Primary purpose is to act, experience and reap the benefits.