‘मम सत्यं’ is a war type mentioned in ऋगवेद/अथर्ववेद, wherein war mongers on each side, believe that whatever their belief(religious/scientific/social) is, is the only truth and rest of the world lives with falsity. Those who don’t believe in my version of truth are traitors and deemed for annihilation or conversion, at their choice and at our will.

Fanaticism of any type, is ‘मम सत्यं’ type war mongering. For example, western society’s undeclared stress on religious as well as scientific exclusivity are recent examples of such warfares.

Think about. Take care and save your tribe from such ongoing onslaught of ‘मम सत्यं war versions.

From food to religious beliefs, everything has local colors. Painting everyone with same colors or aspiring for synthetic unity, is against the nature of the universe. Avoid. Resist. Protect your uniqueness.

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