Couple of days back, when I was traveling to farm with my son, he had peculiar observation about nearby village’s pond.

“Papa, why the water is all green! Why it looks so polluted.”

“It is all the result of greed, my dear son.”


Few days back, there was news in social media that some lake in Bangalore was all full of foam. That is visible pollution. There is invisible pollution of water resources going on without common man’s notice.

They call it Eutrophication. Or more precisely hypertrophication, is the ecosystem response to the addition of artificial or natural substances, mainly phosphates, through detergents, fertilizers, or sewage, to an aquatic system.

The mineral components of synthetic fertilizers, however, are easily leached out of the soil. In irrigated systems, the leaching problem may be particularly acute; a large amount of the fertilizer applied to fields actually ends up in streams, lakes, and rivers, where it causes eutrophication (excessive growth of oxygen-depleting plant and algal life).

For common men, it is green so good. 🙂 🙂 Unless it pollutes groundwater with oxygen depleting conditions.

No wise culture employ in such destruction. We do. 🙂

Eutrophication kills fish and other aquatic animals by depriving oxygen and it causes by direct or indirect routes many diseases to humans.