न इदं त्वदीयम् |


This is not yours. You are mere caretaker.
What falls under इदं ? ‘This’ that is not ours but we ignorantly attach our identity with it?

The panchkoshiya sharir (शरीर – The one that decays) is इदं. Yes, our physical body, mind, intellect – nothing is where we can use ‘I’. न इदं त्वदीयम् | When we are mere caretaker, we must obey caretaker’s dharma and protect it. Hence, good food, good thoughts.

Why Good food? Why Good water? Why good air? Why not greed? Why not being greedy consumer? Simple one liner from Sastra, should again become foundation  of sustainable, eternal economics of our culture.

इदम् गृहम् तदीयम् | This house is his. Not yours!