If there is anyway one should earn livelihood, this is beautiful explanation of that way.

अकृत्वा परसन्तापं अगत्वा खलमन्दिरम् ।
अक्लेशयित्वा चात्मानं यदल्पमपि तद्भहु ॥

अन्य को संताप दिये बगैर, खलपुरुष के घर गये बगैर (लाचारी किये बगैर) और स्वयं को अति कष्ट दिये बगैर जो थोडा भी मिले उसे काफी समज लेना चाहिए ।

Whatever one can earn, without giving others grief/sorrow, surrendering to con men, without hurting self, is enough.

Epicenter of many of our day to day issues is our tunneled महत्वकांक्षा/ambitions. Ambitions for which we sacrifice body, family and society. Once we cross the 40s, we realize our foolish efforts in rat race.

‘Righteously Enough as per capacity by balance life style’ should be new benchmark of being wealthy. 🙂

Think about it. Live life fully! Take care. (Y) शुभ प्रभात!