धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः|

There is feedback loop between you and your dharma. Loop has to sustain for protection.

Dharma offers protection. If we choose to live a life guided by the principles of
Dharma, then we are assured of that protection. This understanding is ingrained in Hindu’s
thinking from childhood as one grows up in India.

How convenient it would have been if the phrase contained only the first part: Dharmo
rakshati.? One-way street. But life is not so simple. Reciprocal action is invited by adding rakshithaha in the phrase.’rakshithaha’ implies that the concept itself needs
protection too. This is interesting as it conveys the need to protect the very concept whose protection we are seeking.

Dharma will protect you if you protect it. Now it is an equation. Thus long ago it appears there was this recognition that we cannot simply take it for granted that Dharma will reign supreme always and that there is no danger to it. Therefore a duty is imposed on those who seek such protection from Dharma, and that duty is to take care that this
wonderful governing concept of life is not in any jeopardy.

Protect or get vanished.