Those who don’t spare single chance to spit venom against culture of this land, under media influence, must read the Ramayana first.

The vices we see in society and label it as typical Indian society, is not because of foundation of dharma-based education! It is damn modern education!

Show me one single individual, passed through तपोवन शिक्षण process and having biased mindset about women!

Read this single gem from Ramayana and get rid of false notion about your own roots!

It is not just a movie Bahubali where Rajamata was shown ruling the state! It was alive in all families where Ramayana was recited! Females were always respected as ruler of the home!

आत्मा हि दारास्सर्वेषां दारसङ्ग्रहवर्तिनाम्।
आत्मेयमिति रामस्य पालयिष्यति मेदिनीम्।।2.37.24।।

This shloka told by the great Vasishtha maharshi Himself, is a priceless gem. “In Indian culture, there is no difference between a husband and wife. Hence, may Seeta rule this kingdom in place of Raama, who is leaving for the forests”.