Friends often ask me for my relatively new Avatar in last decade and half who is radically different than who I was🙂

“Why do I care so much about child development, food and environment nowadays?

Why do I want our tribe (The small minority of like minded friends and family members) to live more than 100 years?”
Here is the short answer.

किं शत शारदाय ?
Why do you want to live 100 years or beyond maximum age possible for human body?

राष्ट्र मृत्याय मत्सखि |राष्ट्र मृत्याय|
To die for my Nation my friend! To die for National causes!
And so that following can be averted:

परा तत् सिच्यते राष्ट्रं ब्राह्मणो यत्र जीयते|
Nation where intellectual reformers (warriors) suffer, is destined for unpleasant & disastrous destiny.

राष्ट्र = ‘Bhu’ भू – where culture of the land thrives. Where dharma prevails. Do not imagine modern National boundaries.


This spirit was kindled by Bhagwan Rama, not only in वानर सेना but in entire भारत वर्ष during his वन यात्रा! Awakening critical mass of the land by making realize value of Dharma.

Festivals at my motherland were never announced randomly as ‘Days’ but were designed for specific purpose. Historical stories associated with Diwali – festival of lights, depicts that it is one unique festival associated with National glory and celebration of societal goodness(सात्विकता) win over asuric forces. Diwali was never designed to celebrate personal wins/glories…Following stories clearly tells that Diwali is national festival to celebrate Nation’s win over evil forces.

-Lord Raam completed 14 years exile with glorious win over asuric forces and returned back on this day.
-Lord Krishna killed Narkasur on this day.
-Lord Krishna lifted Govardhan mountain
-Return of Pandavas after 12 years exile.

What do you think? Why did Pandava or Raam go to Jungle?For pastime and fun/family picnic/outing like we plan trips to Thailand/Dubai/Europe with family? Think about it. They were on mission to eradicate darkness of clouded psyche of majority of their Nation who were living animal type life. Wherever they went, they transformed local people. (For more details, read Ramayana and Mahabharata)

Therefore, Diwali is National Winning celebration. Day when we must celebrate our Nation’s win. Day when we must celebrate our efforts for Nation Building.How many hours did we spend for nation building since last Diwali? As a part of our dharma duties, it has to be at least 1/4th of year i.e. 365/4 = 90 days = 3 months worth time (remaining 3/4 is reserved for our personal life)