If there is one thing that I need to consider for decline of dharma-aligned population in Bharat, it is this : Selfishness. Lack of selfless actions. Lack of Bhagwad Gita in curriculum.

Excessive ममत्व (mineness) is a visible symptom of our dying societal fabric. What is mine, I will take care. I don’t care about public property. I don’t care about social duties. I don’t care if natural elements are destroyed for my selfish desires. I don’t care if someone is dying on the street. Epidemic of ममत्व.


Bhagwad Gita as a part of education. If you miss teaching detachment and instrumental living to growing mind, it becomes herculean task to destroy adult mind’s ममत्व. Giving immune booster treatment to seeds is cheaper and less time consuming than worrying about pest control when plants are ready for fruition.

Quote in image is shared by Shri Anand Rajadhyaksha ji.