Comforts is not cure.
My father is a doctor so we often receive invitation for inauguration of new hospitals and clinics.
One thing I noticed in present day invitation cards and marketing materials:
Nowadays, patient satisfaction is seen equated to patient comforts and not attainment of cure and health by the patient.
🙂 Going for patient “satisfaction” in terms of 5-Star comforts is not cure! It is one of the slope towards irrational prescribing and treatment.
Doctor’s skills, doctor’s selfless nature, doctor’s intuitively rational treatment decisions – who cares? We need TV, AC and attached toilet! 😉 Luxury and Technology is seen as cure 😀 . Doctor is immaterial. Most of the times, junior doctor attends.
And if comforts is cure, home has best comforts. 🙂
Think about it.