Living life is all about communication with the environment. With other selves. To see the unification among different forms of the nature and at the same time accept and respect the different forms.

Faulty education of 20th century does not mold this insights and so it stems individualism, self-centered and selfish youth 🙂.

Think about it. Root cause of all our issues is education. Change it and the perspective will change.

The cardinal error in 20th century biology (and medical science relying upon it) is that geneticist and cytologist were focusing on nucleus for answers. They kept on investigating the easily accessible nucleus for they were forced to neglect the nebulous cytoplasm.

Cytoplasm or the protoplasm of a cell excluding the nucleus; is full of proteins that control cell metabolism and they choose what genes to execute and what not. This Cytoplasm relies upon the external environment and messages received from them. So ultimately, it is environment outside cell that controls the cell and not the genes.

Our textbooks should be free from chromosomes dogmas. They are restricting imagination of the students and impairing them to see grand scale exchange body has with the environment. Lack of this insight means lack of respect for environment. Results in all sort of utter neglect and pollution.

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