Pseudo Science of Scientific Methods


Today morning, I watched this video shared by facebook friend and it reminded me old note on the same topic.

Never in true science, fluke responses and generalizations are accepted as principles.

Entire modern medicine field runs on fluke responses called ‘Clinical Trials’ and we call them ‘Science’ 😀.

Each one of us is unique by birth. Each one of us unique by the environment we live in. Our bodily state of health and sickness are personalized and cannot be generalized.

Modern pharma does clinical trials in controlled environment and then generalize the treatment. Utterly unscientific way of healing body. But since there is Economics and Greed is involved, they sell pseudo science big way. And since we are helpless by our ignorance, we buy the pseudo treatments. Modern clinicians may use scientific techniques but in the way that they treat their patients they are still quacks.The modern clinician and the medical researcher base their opinions and conclusions almost exclusively on subjective observations and wishful expectations which are likely to be based on inaccurate historical perspectives and experimental experiences with members of another species.

On the other hand, Ayurveda works on principles. Vata is Vata. Pitta is Pitta, Kapha is Kapha. Common sense, research governed by subjective conclusions backed by strong objective signs. Personalized treatment. Treatment is inspired by Mother nature.

Due to our involvement with pseudo sciences, we indirectly are tangled in the karma bonding with all animals and humans upon whom clinical trials happened so far.

I think it is high time we reject pseudo sciences and embrace benefits of true science.


Bharat 2020 without Engineers and Scientist?



Let me first clear one thing: I don’t support any technological feat, just because it is well-known and used by mass.

My yard stick is : It has to be nature-friendly.

Below note was written in 2011 to answer question by a friend.

This note is dedicated to all Indian technology guys who believe in vision of developed Bharat by 2020.


युधिष्ठिर :


संप्रदीप्तेषु देशेषु बराह्मण्ये चाभिपीडिते

अवर्षति च पर्जन्ये मिथॊ भेदे समुत्थिते

सर्वस्मिन दस्यु साद्भूते पृथिव्याम उपजीवने

केन सविद बराह्मणॊ जीवेज जघन्ये काल आगते





विज्ञानबलम आस्थाय जीवितव्यं तदा भवेत


– महाभारत


Yuthisthir to Bhishma : “When entire nation is facing irregularities and chaos in all walks of life, practices fraught with high morality and beneficial to the world, (viz., those that appertain to righteous rule) disappear, famine, floods and fury are rampant and regular guests, citizens have to depend on foreign nations for daily wages & loans,when all the means and resources for the support of life fall into the hands of robbers, righteous intellectuals,who should actually govern the nation, become weak & most ineffective in such time! When, indeed, such a calamitous time sets in, by what means should a righteous intellectuals(Brahmana – not caste! Mind you! It is characteristic!) should subsist and arise again?”



Bhishma replied : “When such a time sets in, the righteous intellectual should live by the aid of knowledge. He should become expert in using science(विज्ञान) as mighty weapons. Not only that, they should transfer this knowledge to next generation of intellectuals and warriors.They should also make sure that service & business class live life by moral codes and conducts based on scientific applications & not blind faith(Service and business class would only follow. They don’t have time out of survival. They will not bother to find roots. So it is job of intellectual to set right rules for them). In such disastrous time,learning science & establishing harmless nature-friendly applications for society is the best way of salvation for a righteous intellectual.


– Based on Mahabharat shloks. Not exact translation.


So do you love to learn? Do you love science? Are you technology guy?the one who is trained in scintific applications? Are you working in knowledge industry? Really?No science exposure in daily life and you want developed Bharat?

To know and become ‘NATHA'[0] of natural sciences is prerequisite of Leader. It is least that we can ignore in leader. Nation’s healthy living can be given direction only when leader is master of Natural sciences.

For example:

As per purana, Chemistry including Alchemy, began to be cultivated by the ancient Aryas as early as the beginning of the present Kalpa, i e. more than 1950000000 years back. And the surprising part of this history is, We have got fragments of two books on this subject, the authorship of which has all along been assigned to the great, Raam Chandra (the hero of Ramayana, an epic composed by the sage Valmiki who was a contemporary of the hero himself), who learnt the science of chemistry from Kalanatha, a sage living in the forests, during the fourteen years of his exile from his father’s dominions [1]. Now, Rama Chandra flourished, according to Indian history, at least 900000 years back (You can take any other number. Point here is time immemorial). There is another book titled ‘Arka Prakash’ which is attributed to King of Lanka, Ravana.[2] It appears from these fragments that chemistry of medicine reached a very high state of perfection at the time of Rama Chandra.

So EXILE as a symbol represents a mandatory knowledge exploration yatra(voyage) where you meet people of different areas and learn all skills necerssary to run Raam-Rajya or Dharma-Rajya.

Will you dare to leave your home and spend enough time in knowledge-voyage? If you can’t, at least support all those who are on this voyage when they come to your door steps.

[0] “Nath” would mean “benevolent master”, rather than just master. I am particularly mentioning this as presence of benevolence paves the way to unconditional surrender to such master.

[1] According to the folklores and books, in vogue amongst the siddhas (chemists), King Ram Chandra was also called, Dandaka Nath, on account of his living in the forest of Dandaka for several years. The books said to have been compiled by this king are named, (1) Rama rajiya, and ( 2 ) Rasendra Chlntamani.

[2] This ‘Arka Prakash’ is an excellent booklet containing a comprehensive treatment of all sorts of diseases by means of tinctures (Medicines prepared from Alchohol/Mineral acids – Like modern Allopathic pharmacy medicines! – Connect the dots!) only!


Ha ha ha…


Sorry for sarcastic laugh but sad to convey that your dream and doings are not aligned. No matter how highly intelligent you are, how best you perform in your field but if your knowledge is not capable enough to provide radically different but harmless ways of living to society, you will not able to give 100% for your dream i.e. progressive and developed Bharat by 2020.I don’t want to scare you or demoralize. Whatever you are doing good, its great and I appreciate it. Just my thinking about giving more momentum to our doings for common dream,you are not forced to believe in it.


How about trying one or multiple of  physics, chemistry, biology, botany, ayurved, genetics,psychology in next 20 years? Do try, good for nation.


You may disagree. Debate is welcome.

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