Draupadi’s taunt



किरातार्जुनीयम्/प्रथमः सर्गः उषाकाल पठन

Taunting learned person is very difficult. You needed to be super smart.

Draupadi taunting Yudhithir is such case.

द्रोपदी उवाच:

अवन्ध्यकोपस्य निहन्तुरापदां भवन्ति वश्याः स्वयं एव देहिनः ।
अमर्षशून्येन जनस्य जन्तुना न जातहार्देन न विद्विषादरः ।। १.३३ ।

जिसका क्रोध कभी निष्फल नही जाता, स्वत: लोग उसके वश में हो जाते हैं, वही विपत्तियों को दूर करने में समर्थ होता है. क्रोध-विहीन व्यक्ति के प्रति प्रेम-भाव रखनेवाले भी उसका आदर नहीं करते, न उससे शत्रुता होने पर कोई डरता है.

अमर्षशून्य – The one that cannot even generate valid Krodha/Anger in favor of dharma / not impatient to protect dharma

संसार की कोई भी नारी ऐसे पुत्र को जन्म न दे , जो अमर्षशून्य, उत्साहहीन, बल और पराक्रम से रहित तथा शत्रुओं का आनंद बढ़ानेवाला हो।


Draupadi’s valid anger need perfect words for describing her मनोव्यथा | महाकवि भारवि justified it very well.

व्रजन्ति ते मूढधियः पराभवं
भवन्ति मायाविषु येन मायिनः |
प्रविश्य हि घ्नंति शठास्तथाविधान्
असंवृताङ्गान् निशिता इवेषवः ||

जो लोग अपने मायावी शत्रु के साथ मायावी नहीं बनते वे मूर्ख हैं और सदैव पराजित होना ही उनकी नियति है, क्योंकि ऐसे निष्कपट, सीधे-सादे लोगों में दुष्ट वैसे ही घुस जाते हैं जैसे उघड़े हुए अंगों में तीक्ष्ण बाण.

If person does not deal with a crook in crooked manner, he is bound to face defeat. They must be paid back in their own coin. Just like how an arrow most certainly hits (and hurts) that part of the body (how ever small) that is not covered by the armor, such deceitful people search and hurt only those people who are innocent and incapable of deceit themselves.

This is so true for present state of BJP and its leadership who are silent on every civilizational collapse related issue, be it Kashmir treatment to CRPF jawan to Pakistan policies to internal agitations by anti-India forces.

Debunking ‘Survival of the fittest’ delusion



I wrote this note in 2014. Read relevant research paper so sharing it.

This is little difficult to accept for those for whom Darwin is God and his ‘Survival of the fittest’ is eternal principle. Veda(s) don’t believe ‘Survival of the fittest’ type evolution. They rather prescribed, ‘Uplift the unfit to the higher fitness level of survival’.

What is your way of living? Vedic (Dharmic) or Darwinic?


There are more than 8 million species of living things on Earth, but none of them – from 100-foot blue whales to microscopic bacteria – has an advantage over the others in the universal struggle for existence.

अष्टादशपुराणां सारं व्यासेन कीर्तितम् ।
परोपकारः पुण्याय पापाय परपीडनम् ॥

In eighteen lenthy episodes of puranas Vyasa (author of the epic Mahabharatha which has 18 episodes named puranas) has described one thing. Helping others is vitue – troubling others is sin.

Sheer presence[1] of microbial world in our Body proves one thing for sure that idea of ‘dog-eat-dog world of Darwinian competition’ is utter nonsense. Sadly, same survival of the fittest idea is so much ingrained in our psyche by modern education that we waste precious youth life in chasing false alarms and unnecessary competitions.

Life is about living for each other, helping each other. Darwinian illusion is catastrophic. Unlearn it..If we cannot unlearn, we are like those pathogens who make us feel sick selfish and self-centered.

[1] Your body is composed of an estimated 30 trillion human cells, but it is host to more than 100 trillion bacterial and fungal cells, the friendly microbes that coevolved with our species. Think about that: right now in your body bacterial cells substantially outnumber your own human cells.

Research News

What Species Is Most Fit for Life? All Have an Equal Chance, Scientists Say


There are more than 8 million species of living things on Earth, but none of them – from 100-foot blue whales to microscopic bacteria – has an advantage over the others in the universal struggle for existence.

“This means that each elephant or blue whale contributes no more energy per gram of parent to the next generation than a trout or even a bacterium,” said co-author Charles A.S. Hall, a systems ecologist with the College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) in Syracuse, New York. “We found, rather astonishingly, by examining the production rate and the generation time of thousands of plants, animals and microbes that each would pass on, on average, the same amount of energy to the next generation per gram of parent, regardless of size. A single-celled aquatic alga recreates its own body mass in one day, but lives for only a day. A large female elephant takes years to produce her first baby, and lives much longer than the alga. For all plants and animals of all sizes these two factors – rate of biomass production and generation time – exactly balance each other, so each contributes the same energy per gram of parent to the next generation in their lifetime.”

The bottom line, Hall said, is that all organisms are, on average, equally fit for survival.

Hall’s co-author, James H. Brown, a physiological ecologist at the University of New Mexico, said, “The fact that all organisms are nearly equally fit has profound implications for the evolution and persistence of life on Earth.”

The third author on the paper, which was published online, is mathematical biologist Richard M. Sibly of the University of Reading in the United Kingdom.

The scientists tackled an intriguing question about life on the planet, beginning with some common knowledge. On one hand, they noted, microscopic, unicellular bacteria, algae and protists that weigh only a few micrograms live fast, generate much new biomass per day or even per minute, and die young, often within hours. On the other hand, mammals such as a 100-foot blue whale can live up to 100 years but generate new biomass, including babies, much more slowly.

The authors ask a sweeping question: How can such enormous variation in reproduction and survival allow persistence and coexistence of so many species? Their answer: Because there is a universal tradeoff in how organisms acquire, transform and expend energy for survival and production within constraints imposed by physics and biology.

In their research, the authors built a model of energy allocation, based on data involving rates of energy investment in growth and reproduction, generation times (commonly considered 22 to 32 years for humans) and body sizes of hundreds of species ranging from microbes to mammals and trees. They found an exactly equal but opposite relationship between growth rate and generation time among all these organisms.

The net result is what the authors call the “equal fitness paradigm.” Species are nearly equally fit for survival because they all devote the same quantity of energy per unit of body weight to produce offspring in the next generation; the higher activity and shorter life of small organisms is exactly compensated for by the slower activity and greater longevity of large organisms.

Hall said the tradeoff between rate of living and generation time is one reason for the great diversity of life on Earth: No one size or life form has a built-in advantage over another. The apparent benefits of being larger (for example, bigger males are more likely to win in competition for mates) are compensated for by the fact that larger animals are typically less productive over time.

“There is no single way of living and using energy that is best,” Hall and Brown said. “Given the array of environmental conditions on the planet, one kind of organism might gain a temporary advantage, but such gains will soon be countered by other, competing organisms. The result is what evolutionary biologist Leigh Van Valen called the ‘Red Queen phenomenon,’ based on Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass: All species must keep running to keep up with others and stay in the evolutionary race.”

Election of King in Dharma-bound nation-state

Varna based Democracy
Varna based Democracy

There are misconceptions propagated in our society that in ancient times of Bharat, Nation-states were always ruled by son of the King. This is not complete truth. Selection of successor was never exclusively birth based. As Kalidasa described precisely in this verse of raghuvaMsham.

अथेतरे सप्तरघुप्रवीरा ज्येष्ठम् पुरोजन्मतया गुणैश्च।
चक्रुः कुशम् रत्नविशेषभाजम् सौभ्रात्रमेषाम् हि कुलानुकारि ॥१६-१

“Then, the other seven brave princes of the Raghu family made Kusha – the eldest both by his being born first and by his possessing virtues…”

The king is honored because of his qualities. It is not birth that makes a king. He is not respected so much because of his ancestry, as for his prowess, strength and valor. There were of course instances where seat of king was claimed by mere birth. But we are not talking about failed states or average states. When we look at the history and learn the lesson from it, we must thrive for best of it. And the best is, selection of King by qualities.

To support Kalidasa’s words, we have Allahbad Pillar inscription which records that Samudra Gupta was chosen among other princes of the family who were rendered crestfallen.


Segregation is Natural. Every individual is unique and unparalleled. Every individual must be recognized, provided nurture and respected.
Nature teaches co-operation and co-existence. Love n harmony.

It is half truth when someone says that only Qualities are important and not Varna. Similarly, it is also half truth when someone says that only birth is enough to decide Kingly qualities.

Best way to summarize: Out of all Kshtriya clans, the most powerful (full of Kingly traits) becomes the King with Praja’s (Citizen’s) consent.

The Vishnu Experiment : Chanting Name on Different Events


Experiment for faithful(s). Agnostics can try. Self-proclaimed atheists may ignore.

Vishnu is the sustainer force. While you are in grihasthi (Age 25 to 50), you must sustain self for the benefits of society. It is your dharma.

Chanting Vishnu Name and imagine him in his different form for different situation work very well. Chant it daily morning.

विष्णोः षोडशनामस्मरणम्

औषधे चिन्तयेद्विष्णुं
भोजने च जनार्दनम् ।
शयने पद्मनाभं च
विवाहे च प्रजापतिम् ॥१॥
Think of Vishnu while taking medicine, Janardana while eating¸ Padmanabha while lying down (to sleep) and Prajapati while getting married.

युद्धे चक्रधरं देवं
प्रवासे च त्रिविक्रमम् ।
नारायणं तनुत्यागे
श्रीधरं प्रियसंगमे ॥ २ ॥
(Think of) Chakradhara while fighting, Trivikrama when you are away from home, Narayana while giving up your body and Sridhara when you meet with those whom you love.

दुःस्वप्ने स्मर गोविन्दं
सङ्कटे मधुसूदनम् ।
कानने नारसिंहं च
पावके जलशायिनम् ॥३॥
(Think of) Govinda when you get bad dreams, Madhusudana when you are in trouble, Narasimha when you are in a forest and Jalashayee when you are caught in a fire.
जलमध्ये वराहं च
पर्वते रघुनन्दनम् ।
गमने वामनं चैव
सर्वकार्येषु माधवम् ॥४॥
(Think of ) Varaha incarnation of the Lord when you are in deep water, Raghunandana (Sri Ram) when you are on a mountain, Vamana when you are on the move and Madhava in all your activities.

षोडशैतानि नामानि
प्रातरुत्थाय यः पठेत् ।
विष्णुलोके महीयते ॥५॥

Those who chant these sixteen names of the Lord after waking up in the morning will be rid of all sins and will be honoured in Vishnuloka (Vaikuntha)


विष्णुर्विक्रमणात्’ (महाभारत उद्योग पर्व ७०/१३) इति व्यासोक्तेः He is Vishnu because he moves(spreads) in all directions – vide words of Bhagavan Vedavayasa quoted above.

वेवेष्टि व्याप्नोतीति विष्णुः देशकालवस्तुपरिच्छेदशून्य इत्यर्थः One who pervades everything, unlimited by space, time or object is Vishnu विशतीति विष्णुः Enters (विशति) (all living beings as the indwelling spirit), therefore the Lord is known as Vishnu. shruti also says ‘तत्सृष्ट्वा तदेवानुप्राविशत्’ having created the world, He entered it (as the jivatma)

रोदसी व्याप्य कान्तिरभ्यधिका स्थितास्येति विष्णुः
व्याप्य मे रोदसी पार्थ
कान्तिरभ्यधिका स्थिता ।
क्रमणाद्वाप्यहं पार्थ
विष्णुरित्यभिसंज्ञितः ॥ ( महाभारत, शान्ति ३४१/४२-४३)
O Arjuna ! since my abundant effulgence is spread in the whole of this earth and the skies or because I have unrestricted movement in all directions, I am known as Vishnu

Vedic Studies and Oral Education by Prof H B Dave



Vedic Studies and Oral Education by Prof H B Dave

Its been 14 years I passed out from Computer Engineering Department @ DDIT, Nadiad.

Feeling so left out as I could not utilize expertise of my HoD Prod H B Dave in the field of Vedic Studies. Had I came across this then, my journey would have been different!

My deepest gratitude for the towering figure in computer science for his love and research in Veda!!


Veda and Oral Tradition

1. Extreme importance is attached to the oral tradition as far as Vedas is concerned because of its contents and intended use. In order to benefit in any way from the text of Vedas (especially the first three), it is necessary that the mind of the reciter (and listener) should be in meditative state, what I shall call Alpha state for want of better word in English.

2. During such Alpha state EEG would exhibit high value of alpha
rhythm. Normal waking brain exhibits Beta rhythm.

3. This requires, at least in case of a beginner (Ma.navaka) that
his/her eyes should be closed. But then he/she can not read!

4. With eyes open, unless you are very advanced meditator, it is very difficult to achieve Alpha state.

5. The process of reading (which requires eyes open) and deciphering the written or printed text is a very complex operation which involves large parts of Cerebral Cortex. Compared to that the auditory inputs (either heard or self-spoken) require much less processing at Cerebral Cortex. If the Vedas are to be understood, the activity at Cerebral Cortex should be minimized.

6. Thus if you are studying the text of Vedas for purposes other then the one for which they were meant, you can go ahead and study from a written or printed book, but not if you are a beginner and /or want to derive the benefits as intended.



Worshiping False Gods


Your kid will celebrate Teachers day but will hardly pay attention to Guru Purnima. Why?

Education brain-wash.

I don’t have any issue with you celebrating his birthday as Teachers day or XYZ day but it is my duty to show you this side of scholar.

I know, no one is perfect. And I prefer not to worship imperfects.

Sharing 5 years old post for objective minds. Sentimental may ignore post.


Worshiping False Gods

Wikipedia says, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan,was an Indian philosopher and statesman who was the first Vice President of India (1952–1962) and the second President of India from 1962 to 1967.

One of India’s most influential scholars of comparative religion and philosophy, Radhakrishnan built a bridge between the East and the West by showing how the philosophical systems of each tradition are comprehensible within the terms of the other. He wrote authoritative exegeses of India’s religious and philosophical literature for the English speaking world.


My online friend complained. Why do I write more posts, comparing Bharat’s superiority vs west? Here is the answer for him.

I do it because majority of us were conditioned to worship false Gods like Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Children in school are taught to celebrate his birthday is celebrated in India as Teachers’ Day on 5 September. For children, he is the scholar to follow. His books are text books in colleges.

Know real Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and his derogatory writings.

Certain great scholars and the so-called patriots of India also had profound effects of western education on their minds that held the feeling of lowness for Hindu culture, history and religion. They too collected the intellectual dirt of the western writers and used it in their writings.

Not knowing what were they doing, their writings like: “Ram was only a good man. He was not God.” betrayed and confused millions of Hindus and contempted the authentic writings of Ved Vyas which are the national treasures of India.

We will give you a few examples.

[1] Rigved has the impassionate utterances of the primitive poetic souls. (IP/I-71)

[2] Atharvaved contains the pre-Vedic animist religion of spirits and ghosts. It gives an idea of demonology prevalent in the tribes of India. (PU-45;IP/I-121)

[3] The earliest Vedic seers worshipped nature… the Vedic gods were stupidly self-centered… gods and ghosts governed the life of people. (IP/I-121)

[4] The Upnishads (aranyakas) are the speculations of the hermits. Their teachings are lost in the jumbled chaos of puerile superstition. (IP/I-355)

[5] He (Radhakrishnan) cannot accept Krishn of the Puranas. It was only the unknown author of the Gita who made Krishn famous through his writings and devised him to pose as God (brahm). (IP/I-496, 521)

[6] Ram was only a good man. He was not God. His religion is polytheistic and external.

[7] Shankara’s arid logic made his system unattractive, and Ramanuja’s story of the other world carries no weight. (IP/II-711)

IP = Indian Philosophy Vol 1 and Vol 2
He calls the Vedic Rishis as primitive poets whose impassionate utterances are the Rigved. He says that Atharvaved incorporates the demonology of primitive tribes; Vedic gods are stupidly self-centered; and the Upnishads are childish superstitions.

The derogatory writings of the western scholars, as initiated by the British, left a great impact on the Indian minds. But the reconfirmation of those western views by Radhakrishnan had much more damaging effects and confused millions of scholars of philosophy and religion around the world by giving them entirely wrong input about Hindu philosophy, Hindu scriptures and the Hindu religion. Just examine some of his mistranslations.

Radhakrishnan’s derogatory writings confused millions of good souls looking for the path to God. Covering all the aspects of Hindu religion (the scriptures, the writings of the acharyas and the descensions of God) he tried to implode the entire structure of Hinduism.

So, my dear friend, it is necessary to uncover false Gods so that intellectuals of the land understand real Sanatan Dharm and paths of God realization.

Varna, Environment and Quality of varna traits

Varna, Environment and Quality of varna traits
Varna and Environment
Sandalwood tree is hemiparasite. Being hemiparasite, it has dependence on host plants for nitrogen fixing roots. Hemiparasite is a parasitic plant that lacks a fully developed root system and forms connections with another plant, from which it obtains some or all of its water and minerals. Such plants have chlorophyll and produce their own food by photosynthesis, and in some cases are capable of limited growth in the absence of the host plant.
Without nitrogen fixing neighbor, Sandalwood will still grow but you will not see it full bloomed perfect Sandal. Heartwood(The aromatic trunk part) growth will be limited or none.
Similarly, each Varna seek appropriate environment for being perfect in exhibiting varna traits. But when lack of such conducive environment, you will still find Varna exist. Dormant. Not fully nurtured. (Reference post: http://prachodayat.in/varna-system-geology-farming-food-health/)

Why do we need Gita in curriculum?



The training for excellence is to practice the embodied technologies of decision-making, the right decisions, the wise decisions, when needed by the present dharma, context, one faces. This is the goal, the ethics of the whole program of the Avatara Krisna in the Bhagavad Gita: to train Arjuna, that fallen and disturbed warrior, to make decisions, the best ones, as needed by his present dharma (his present situation), a battle field.

And this is the program of human acting, from the Rig Veda down, that Indic texts propose:

“an ethics of decision making as opposed to an ethics of compliance to rules coming from the outside.”

Here is the test whether you are still Bharatiya or being westernized heavily. Our education system has no mechanism of whatsoever in nature to teach anyone decision based on multiple ambiguous situations, self-centered decisions like “What is best among the possible?”.
If you are westernized, you perform veridical arguments (arguments coinciding with only visible reality), this is true and this is false but you miserably lack ability to make decisions in complex situations, under the cloud of multiple choices. Why, you are not taught to use your frontal lobe efficiently.

Solution: Introduce Gita in curriculum because, on आधिदैविक plane, Gita is the human body itself, sung beautifully to present her lovely form of existence. Learn her, live like how she wants you to live.

Grihasthi’s Brahmcharya : Less talked subject


Brahmcharya for Grihastha is to follow Grihastha Dharma in most simpler terms. For example, one must keep control (physical and mental) of Kama in prescribed times i.e. while baby feeding is ON (This disturbs hormonal balance physically and corrupts psyche of a kid mentally) .


People talk about Brahmcharya. Brahmcharya for students so that they can excel. Brahmcharya for Sanyasin so that they remain on path of Sadhana. Less is talked about Brahmcharya for Grihasthi. It is equally critical.

Nation pays heavy price for not following this critical norm of living ideal life.

Result of indulged society and leaders?

1) Frequent Tharoor episodes (Affair with ISI agent as alleged by his wife) -> National Security jeopardized
2) Frequent destruction of family institution -> Damaged society -> Damaged Nation
3) Ailing personal health -> Lack of courage and creativity -> Nation full of Unproductive and Slaves
4) Corruption of growing children’s psyche (due to uncontrolled parents) -> Future Citizens as slaves -> Damaged Nation
5) Corruption at source -> Sex during pregnancy -> deformed and defective children -> Burden on society

Moral degradation is early sign of annihilation. Face it or cure it. It will take at least 2-3 generations of monumental work.

To begin with, curtail your love for entertainment at personal and family level. Take it to the next level. Let your friends and relatives get sanitized. Stress more on child development. Let them do not repeat your foolish mistakes. Participate in Nation-development by breeding bold, courageous and intelligent future citizens.

Learn सखत्व from Water(H2O)




“पानी अपना रास्ता कर ही लेता है|” – “Water always makes its way out.”
Water molecules can find their own way because their bonding has intense सखत्व (Friendship). This bonding helps them to find out a way. H2O molecules are सहह्रदयी.
Why this example?
There are N numbers of problem modern life style has. Solutions demand group efforts. Community responses. Individuals cannot walk further like an isolated water drop.
So what baby steps we can take?
1) Find like-minded water droplets. And walk together in local environment. Together, there will surely a way out.
2) Share experiences so that like-minded water droplets in different regions may get hints and they too start finding way out. Of course, locally. There is no imitation scope.
So my presence in FB : I am sure, there is not mass change possible. 99% will ignore as they are not सहह्रदयी. To create impact on non-सहह्रदयी, one needs to be in the form of Sea. 🙂 We are not sea yet. So, baby-step is to become rivulet out of individual dammed droplets and then flow towards the sea. Those who are adamant to connect (which 99% are), will submit sooner or later.
Channelize energy in finding next droplet with same urge to become sea one day in this or some other next birth and nurture that relation. I personally work only with 2-3 droplets and we adjust our life to create strong flow ahead.

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