Planning for child? Shri Krishna’s prescription for would-be fathers


A newly wedded friend asked me:

“What a would-be father should take care? There are ample guidelines for would-be mothers but hardly anything discussed about father’s regime.”

He is right. As a society, we focus more on mother as our superficial grooming by popular narratives teach that..father’s job is over at conception. This is utterly shallow.

Father’s job starts very early, along with mother, when they decide to have baby. There are several aspects. From food to sleep, many prescriptions. But there is hardly anything talked about environment and surroundings.

In past, we talked about post-pregnancy impact of Environment here:

Child Development in City invites future mental disorders

Here is the research that talks about impact of home environment full of chemicals on male fertility. Infertility is extreme but safe for future of humanity as there is full stop. But faulty and weal fertility with mutations – that is my concern. Our environment, especially, urban environment, plays devil’s role.

Chemical pollutants in the home degrade fertility in both men and dogs, study finds

New research by scientists at the University of Nottingham suggests that environmental contaminants found in the home and diet have the same adverse effects on male fertility in both humans and in domestic dogs.

There has been increasing concern over declining human male fertility in recent decades with studies showing a 50% global reduction in sperm quality in the past 80 years. A previous study by the Nottingham experts showed that sperm quality in domestic dogs has also sharply declined, raising the question of whether modern day chemicals in the home environment could be at least partly to blame.

In a new paper published in Scientific Reports, the Nottingham team set out to test the effects of two specific man-made chemicals namely the common plasticizer DEHP, widely abundant in the home (e.g. carpets, flooring, upholstery, clothes, wires, toys) and the persistent industrial chemical polychlorinated biphenyl 153, which although banned globally, remains widely detectable in the environment including food.

We also checked in below research that, father’s genes play role in motherhood intensity!

Mother’s care quality is decided by Father’s genes

In short, father’s role is as important as mother’s role is!

Shri Krishna’s prescription (Mahabharata – अनुशासन पर्व)

What is the solution then?

There are two things prescribed by Shri Krishna in Mahabharata.

    1. तप/साधना – Penance
    2. अरण्य निर्वाह (Stay in forest or natural surroundings or visit to natural surrounding daily for tapa)

Background info: 

पर्व: अनुशासन पर्व – दान-धर्म पर्व

भीष्मजी की आज्ञासे, भगवान् श्री कृष्ण युधिष्ठिरसे महादेवजीके माहात्म्यकी कथामें उपमन्यु द्वारा महादेवजी स्तुति प्रार्थना , दर्शन, वरदान एवं स्वयंके दर्शन प्राप्तिका कथन| जाम्बवतीकी पुत्र इच्छा|

Upon Jambavati’s request, what did Shri Krishna did?

He went to Himalaya for Tapa at Upamanyu’s Ashram.


What was there at Ashram?

It was full of flora, fauna and animals! Natural music of water streams, birds and forest!

Krishna_Mh_2 Krishna_Mh_3 Krishna_Mh_4

Vital hints. A would-be father must strive to live in such environment. IF not possible 24×7, weekly? Spend more and more time in nature while you start thinking about a progeny.

The second aspect of it is: Doing tapas in such natural environment.


What kind of Tapas?

  • Strict Food regime
  • Specific Hand and leg movements. If anything that comes close to this in my understanding, is internal Chinese martial art. Qigong.

Erle montaigue, my master of internal fighting/healing arts says:

However, if you are serious about gaining Internal Power, then you will have to at least go on a food and sex fast, not forever, but for a period of time, enough to allow your body and mind to become unclogged.

Even the humble 36 hour fast is far too drastic for most modern Westerner people who have been eating junk food most of their lives and the mind shock is just too great so they give up long before only 36 hours has been reached. They give excuses such as “I have to work and I need energy”, or “I feel really ill” etc. So, you do it when you do not have to work hard perhaps at the weekend. Even this short fast will have an effect upon your Inner Power, allowing for the beginning of your change to happen. The more you do your Taijiquan of course will also have an effect in that it will happen sooner, the longer you have been practicing.

I have personal experience with this kind of Internal Power and its gathering. I cannot begin to write about the ‘strange’ things that have happened just after a fast and even months after. Even when I go back to my normal eating routine (which is pretty bland anyway), the short fast keeps things happening for some time after. As I have always said, you must be doing a great form of Internal Martial Art, not some watered down version, flapping the arms in the breeze, dancing etc. And you must be in a state of complete balance when you perform your Taijiquan form for instance. And you cannot get that without one of the major original forms of Taijiquan, not some shortened version. If you have a good form of Taijiquan, one that will get your motor started as far as Internal Power is concerned, then once it is gathered, it’s just a matter of putting it into gear by investing in loss with a short 36 hour fast, only taking pure water from one evening to the morning of 36 hours later. You will feel ill and many weird things will happen in your mind. But once attained, the short fast will become a part of your life and will not be so difficult.

Understand Tapas as explained by Pt Shriram Sharma Acharya

Internal Power, real one,  is Tapasya.

Now, to sum up entire note:

  1. Take care of environment selection. Spend more and more time with mother nature. More diverse nature. Full of variety of trees, plants, birds and animals.
  2. Regularize food intake. Do Ekadashi fasting at least. Rely on fresh raw food or freshly cooked food.
  3. Do body movements to regularize all five kosha(s).

Call it tapasya and pray Shiva for best progeny.

Mother’s care quality is decided by Father’s genes


I can understand reductionist myopic view by non-Indians but can’t really digest educated Indian’s same materialistically restricted view about life.

Ask any educated youth and for them human birth is mere one night mistake! If there is no family and peer pressure, many of them will prefer to avoid marriage and procreation. If this is not the lowest state of society, what else could be?

On other hand, due to toxic food habits and stressful life, we have rampant infertility all around. If it is not infertility, deformities.

In the era of sperm donation banks, father’s role is reduced to mere seed-giver. This is so narrow and ignorant view!

Here is the interesting paper discussing father’s role in mother-child relation.


Maternal care boosted by paternal imprinting in mammals


A father’s genes are no longer thought to just provide a blueprint for the growth and development of their children, with research by Cardiff University finding that paternal genes affect the type of care a child receives before they are even born.

The placenta transports nutrients to the growing foetus during pregnancy and gives off hormonal signals in the mother’s bloodstream to establish and maintain a successful pregnancy. As well as being involved in nurturing the baby throughout the pregnancy, the placental signals are thought to be important for programming a mother’s behaviour, preparing them for their new role as a parent.

Professor Rosalind John, from Cardiff University’s School of Biosciences, said: “We have shown that the genes from the father, expressed in the placenta, can alter the hormonal signals to the mother, ultimately influencing how the mother will behave towards the baby after birth.

“We found that if the father’s gene causes an increase in these hormonal signals then the mother will spend more time caring for their offspring. But mothers exposed to lower levels of these signals will spend more time on housekeeping tasks.”

Changes in the mother’s priorities during gestation and after birth are critically important for the wellbeing of the new baby and their lifelong health. Women who do not undergo these changes may struggle to develop a maternal bond with their babies. Babies that do not receive high quality maternal care early in life are at higher risk of neurodevelopment disorders and more likely to develop mental health issues when they grow up.

“Our previous work has reported that a similar placental gene is linked to prenatal depression, and we are currently asking whether similar gene changes are associated with poor quality maternal care in the Grown in Wales Study,” added Professor John. “More work must be done to further our understanding in how this works in humans.”


Woven into Visuals : India and Accidental Children

This is about how carelessly we produce our next generation when we should be highly careful. Old one liners compiled together.


2% is mere attention element. Never mind and ask for proofs 🙂 . Idea is, even as less as 2% carefully planned pregnancies will play significant role in guiding humans on better path. Think before you start arguments. liberal and leftist media lives in fool’s paradise. They consider such planning as burden on individual freedom! 😀 Our media is ruled by them. Media rules people’s psyche.

a5 Screenshot from 2018-07-14 23-06-54 a3 a1

The Honeymoon package gift to kids

Why do we surrender to market forces and take most important life decisions based on popular notions?
In our culture, marriage was considered as most sacred event of life. The crucial Sanskar out of set of 16.
Oh, you don’t wish to be regressive? lol 😀
We all have our own microbiome cloud that we’re schlepping around and spewing out.
We are bombarded by thousands of diverse species and chemicals.
In hotel rooms, 1000s of past guests left their biological and pranic imprints. They affect. They mingle with your bodies.
At least, trust Stanford research 🙂

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