“A 24/7 supply of sensorial stimulation – kids these days are dysfunctional without it. #JunkGadgets #JunkFood #JunkExperiences

This is common parental worry this days.

I sat with couple of parents last night. They had the same pain. But their pain of children learning unusual words, acts was fake. They surrendered to system. They simply are buyers of bread oriented education and expecting magic moral and values imparting by system. That won’t happen O’ parents! Get real and wake up!

For your kids to receive right set of values, you need right set of teachers! Right set of teachers is difficult when teacher is engaged in education for money and is underpaid!

Pity the nation where lascivious, immoral,irritable, cruel, slave of system like teachers are in abundant.

When the cultivator ruins his/her own crops,the cure is not easy. And we have been surrounded by such cultivators for 100+ years. Cure is not easy, it is extremely difficult, nearly impossible in short time since such slaughterer of childhood are now abundant.

Are all your activities morally right, in place for growth and sustenance of society?Bharat needs selfless teachers, in great numbers! Are you ready? If not full time, be part time torch bearer for toddlers and substitute current brigade of slavish teachers. Adopt your neighborhood, alma mater, village, slum – wherever possible! Impart humanities, divinities and realities!

Cultivate strong, self-reliant, confident youth of the future! If you are not contributing to this national cause( Education ), you are nothing better than Kasab and Gilani.