Man in the photo represents us.

We are on the verge of environmental collapse. Still, being blind, walking…in fact, running fast!

Habitat destruction, biodiversity loss, ecosystem dysfunction, frequent new diseases emergence, mindless resource extraction and consumption, soil contamination, water contamination, acidification of oceans and what not!

Despite so many shifts happening around, what is it that my beloved friend interested in?

“Which movie this weekend?”
“Diwali vacation plans”
“My favorite TV serial series!”

शतायु is a limit of long life. Limit that is generally achievable by mass.


प्राणापानाभ्यां गुपितः शतं हिमाः|

By regulating two vital forces – प्राण & अपान

Death before 100 = प्राण & अपान compromised very early in life by life-consuming forces.

Think about it. What are these life-consuming forces?

To give you top 5 hints

1) Stress
2) Stress
3) Stress
4) Stress
5) Stress

Stress of different kinds. Mental to cellular to environmental.