There are recent narratives created by establishments about projecting India as softpower. and their vision is limited to Yoga and Bollywood. That is it. That is too gross and limited. Bharat has much more greater potential. We don’t wish to be superpower but विश्वगुरु!

Here is the Vedic Vision of truly global power!

आ ब्रह्यन्‌ ब्राह्मणो बह्मवर्चसी जायताम्‌
आ राष्ट्रे राजन्यः शूर इषव्यः अति
व्याधी महारथो जायताम्‌
दोग्ध्री धेनुर्वोढानड्वानाशुः सप्तिः
पुरंध्रिर्योषा जिष्णू रथेष्ठाः सभेयो
युवाअस्य यजमानस्य वीरो जायतां
निकामे निकामे नः पर्जन्यो वर्षतु
फलवत्यो न ओषधयः पच्यन्ताम्‌
योगक्षेमो नः कल्पताम्
— शुक्ल यजुर्वेद ; अध्याय २२, मन्त्र २२

O! Supreme Being! Let there be born in our Nation,
the intellectuals possessing spiritual splendor;
The military men- brave, skilled in warfare, mighty warrior and
destroyer of the enemies;
Let there be born-
the cow giving abundant milk;
the ox, carrier of heavy loads;
the women, skilled in domestic affairs;
The son of this devotee, while attains his youth
be heroic and highly cultured,
May the clouds rain on the required occasions
May the fruit bearing trees bear ripe fruits in abundance,
May the power of acquisition and preservance of wealth
ever remain with us
and last but not the least
May we remain ever vigilant in the Nation and
come forward for its protection.
What are ingredients of super power?

1) Intellectuals (Researchers/Scintists/Philosophers/Teachers/Economists?)
2) Warriors (National security?)
3) Agriculture (Food security?)
4) Nature (Better equilibrium in Natural resources?)
5) Cultured and awakened society (Law and order?)
6) Nature friendly wealth generation(Organic Industries/technolgoies?)
7) 100% Educated(not only literate!) Individuals (Education?)

This is National Anthem for me. Everytime I recite it, vision for अजनाभदेश or जम्बूद्वीप or भारतवर्ष become more clear and strong.

All these dreams are possible when we stabilize image of her as mother in our mind and dedicate lives (this birth and all upcoming births) in her seva/service.
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