Those doctors/Vaidyas who praise products and herbs in Ayurveda are not genuine. Why becuase, Ayurveda is most fundamentally Science led Medicine and not Medicine led science as modern Allopathy and many Alternative medical branches are.

“At least we have desi alternative” – This is trap.

A desi alternative that goes against the dharma principles, follows same Asuric model of wealth-centralization, cult based branding is not an alternative worth embracing.

Demand corrections or throw it in dustbin. Let there be eternal churning until we get the societal nectar back.

Comment by a friend

“While trying to brand herbal practitioners in rural areas as quacks, an MD recently had to admit that faced with a ferocious form of diarrhoea and stranded in a rural hamlet without access to health services, he was rescued by one. People always think that if quacks are harming rural populations why doesn’t the Government outright ban them? This is because the Government realises that they provide services where none exist. It is time these so called quacks are trained by ayurvedic physicians who can then also learn a thing or two from them.”