Read it! Dharma-driven humans respect everyone, including ants!

Ants prepare fungi for soil! Those friends from non-farming field, read this to realize how so called modern agri science is creating delusions about mandatory usage of chemicals in farming.

On one hand, they sell farmers fungicide to wipe out fungus. On other hand, they give you NPK fertilizers.

In reality, fungus actually helps plants for nitrogen uptake! They are helping hands! They appear only when the plant is weak or environment is not favorable. Correct immunity of plant and see, fungus will disappear. I have seen this in my garden and farm. And ants appears to support plant by farming fungi! 🙂 🙂

Ant Agricultural Revolution Began 30 Million Years Ago in Dry, Desert-like Climate

World’s First Sustainable, Industrial-Scale Agriculture Began When Crops Became Dependent on Their Ant Farmers

Millions of years before humans discovered agriculture, vast farming systems were thriving beneath the surface of the Earth. The subterranean farms, which produced various types of fungi, were cultivated and maintained by colonies of ants, whose descendants continue practicing agriculture today.