This is very common agony among activists.

“How do I change other people’s behaviors? I know what they should be doing, but they are not doing it!”

“Is behavior really what you want to change? Don’t you want to make them understand first, their role in critical change their motherland seeks? Change their value systems, and their narrow self-centered beliefs, no? Their mindsets, no?

If you change their mindsets, people will behave differently and this may well lead to behaviors you had not expected but that could be even better than what you were hoping for…

Change their mindsets. Pinch hard to reach commoners heart, the linchpin way.”

*Linchpin : A pin passed through the end of an axle to keep a wheel in position, to keep Dharma wheel of Bharat in position.

 Linchpin way is the way to walk by keeping all interests of subjects in focus. No self-centered arrogance. No selfish motive. Work for the sake Societal sustenance.
What most activists do is: they try to belittle other activists, commoners to prove their points in debates. Hopeless and futile.