व्यक्त is an adjective. It means ‘perceptible by the senses’. That which you can perceive by sense. That which you can embellished with your best imagination. That which has boundaries identified by the senses.
On the other hand, व्यक्ति is an individual. It is live manifestation. It is traceable individual.

पूजा व्यक्तकी है व्यक्तिकी नहीं|

Without सगुण उपासना, it is difficult to go to the next step. It is step 1 of self-realization. In Patanjali Yogasutra, it is said that “देश बन्ध: चित्तस्य धारणा |”. Without धारणा, चित्त won’t remain stable. Dhyan is possible when you become master in धारणा. धारणा is not possible without object. When धारणा is compulsory for mind’s progress, why not focus on सर्वगुणसंपन्न? With weapons, vehicles and supporting environment? They all help mind to acquire गुण. Mind needs to be localized at minimum possible thought clouds. देश बन्ध. To do that, we need a boundary. Giving boundary (व्यक्त स्वरुप) to your beloved God is not an issue but when we instead of almighty, worship individual, it comes with विकार(s).

व्यक्त स्वरुप => व्यक्ति स्वरुप : Limitations, Faults and fanatics.

This is the reason, God’s व्यक्त स्वरुप may have 1000 heads and 8 hands and numerous weapons and all that. व्यक्ति स्वरुप cannot.
Without nurturing mind and intellect, spiritual progress is impossible. मूर्ति पूजा is a potent tool for this beginning. Just take care that you do not succumb to limited idea of व्यक्ति पूजा.


Like व्यक्ति पूजा is faulty way and a kind of delusion, claiming Dhyan, meditation, concentration, samadhi without मूर्ति पूजा as net-practice is more or less delusion we all experience. Momentarily peace thanks to mind’s स्वभाव to give you good feeling at rest. There is no self-realization here.

All above is my limited understanding.