Came across new term today while doing research on parenting – “Working Mom Guilt”. It is now frequently felt in Western work culture setup. The working mom feels guilty that she sends her kids to daycare. She feels guilty for not plating with kids whole day. They feel guilt because they order in meals more often due to lack of time and promote obesity and low IQ/EQ in their children. There are psychiatry clinics taking special sessions to subdue this powerful guilt.

The reality is that Mom Guilt is a growing epidemic in west. When will it reach at tipping point in Bharat? Why wait to repeat same mistake that other part of the world commits? Or we love guilt the contagious disorder?

So does that mean we should not allow mothers to work?
No! Never!! But expecting slavery in modern service industry from mother is the insult to her capabilities! Against her physiological state (of being mother of child) and detrimental for hear health!
Look at the indigenous cultures! Females participate in enterprises! But at their will, by balancing their primary duties as mother for which finding substitute is impossible or tomfoolery!