Media against Hindus
Media against Hindus

Most of us, we the Sanatani(s), believers of Bharat Bhumi, are under the garb of toxic delusion. Often confused. Often surrendered to brainwashing techniques. Often raising stupid questions. Often raising trivial issues in own rituals.

What is the prescription for such chaos?

अथ यदि ते कर्मविचिकित्सा वा वृत्तविचिकित्सा वा स्यात् ये तत्र ब्राह्मणा: सम्मर्शिनो युक्ता आयुक्ता अलूक्षा धर्मकामा स्युर्यथा ते तत्र वर्तेरन् तथा तत्र वर्तेथा:|
– Taittireeya Upanishad

“In case you have a doubt as to how you should perform a particular action or as to how you should conduct in a particular situation] then the conduct/behavior of the noble minded living in that place/time will be your guide.”

“if there is in you any doubt regarding rites and any doubt regarding conduct, you should conduct yourself in those cases in such a way in which those Brahmanas who may be living there, who are competent to judge, dedicated (to good deeds), not led by others, not cruel and are lovers of virtue, conduct themselves in these cases.”

Seek shelter in the company of pious selfless performers. Follow their actions and you will be good.

Following living as per ancestors’ prescriptions is not supersition or ritual but sublime form of desh-bhakti. When you follow their instructions for living, you are connected with Maa, mother nature, Bharat bhumi. You will be taken care by Maa, without any doubt.

Celebrate Diwali / Navratri / Beej / Teej as your father demonstrated..,as your grand father taught you…as you society/Jati/ Varna used to celebrate…simple solution to combat all secular menace in your path