Who is mitra?


मित्रो जनान यातयति बरुवाणो मित्रो दाधार पर्थिवीमुत दयाम |

मित्रः कर्ष्टीरनिमिषाभि चष्टे मित्राय हव्यंघ्र्तवज्जुहोत ||

पर स मित्र मर्तो अस्तु परयस्वान यस्त आदित्य शिक्षति वरतेन |

न हन्यते न जीयते तवोतो नैनमंहो अश्नोत्यन्तितो न दूरात ||

अनमीवास इळया मदन्तो मितज्ञवो वरिमन्ना पर्थिव्याः |

आदित्यस्य वरतमुपक्षियन्तो वयं मित्रस्य सुमतौ सयाम ||


1. Mitra orders people to do their work. Mitra upholds earth and
heaven. Mitra oversees the people without winking. Make the
oblation containing butter for Mitra.
2. O Mitra, son of Aditi, that mortal becomes happy, who follows
your laws. (He) is neither killed nor won, who is protected by you.
Sin does not enter him either from near or from afar.
3. Without disease, happy, walking among the best place of earth,
firm-kneed, following Aditya’s laws, we want to stay under the great intellect of Mitra.