Since we have corrupted our languages to the core and made them shallow, we often understand words in spiritual domain with shallow meanings.

One such word is Brahmchari!

Who is he/she?

The one who performs sexual abstinence. That is it? That is so narrow definition as for us, we also have Grihastha brahmachari.

Then who is exactly Brahmachari?

As Bollywood depicts? 😀


untitledब्रह्मचारीष्णंश्चरति रोदसी उभे तस्मिन्देवा: संमनसो भवन्ति।
स दाधार पृथिवीं दिवं च स आचार्य तपसा पिपर्ति ॥11-5-1॥
– अथर्ववेद

This particular verse is from Brahmchari Sukta. It describes obligatory duties of Brahmchari. Brahmchari is the one who is ever toiling(साधना) for expanding his consciousness to merge self in God-consciousness.

ब्रह्म means growth, knowledge, value and nectar
चारिन् means to act, conduct, behavior.

ब्रह्मचारी is always engrossed in conducts that promotes growth, knowledge, values and nectar (Bliss)

So what does he do to achieve this?

ब्रह्मचारी उभे रोदसी इष्णन चरति|
अपनी अभिवृद्धिकी इच्छा रखनेवाला पुरुष अपने वातावरणको अनुकूल बनाकर अपना व्यवहार करता है|
ब्रह्मचारी, the one who is steadfast in spiritual progress, works to make his environment propitious and favorable for effortless living. So that he can focus on his goals.

Do we strive to make our surroundings pure? Can we adjust ourselves with environment until we change it for better?

Do not live in friction. Save your senses from unnecessary fiction. Live pure, strive for pure.


  1. Whose picture is it? And why is it that , in any Vanara depiction , females have human face but men are ape faced . Vanara tribe were human beings
    In all screen depictions Vanara women are absolutely normal but men are ape faced , some compulsion that women have to look good always ?