Many a times, we casually talk about acquiring knowledge and what not. 🙂

What really knowledge is?

ॐ or OM joins there.

सत्या विशुद्धिस्तत्रोक्ता विद्यैवैकपदागमा।
युक्ता प्रणवरूपेण सर्ववादाविरोधिना॥
विधातुस्तस्य लोकानामङ्गोपाङ्गनिबन्धनाः।
विद्याभेदाः प्रतायन्ते ज्ञानसंस्कारहेतवः॥

Where unmixed truth is spoken of, it is there knowledge in itself. The one-word mantra ‘om’ joins there, back into its own origin — not contradicting any way in which its truth may be explained.

From it all worlds are given out. To it belong all fields of knowledge — which record it partially, in different parts then further subdivided into smaller parts. All motives to learn knowledge and accomplish things are its extensions, which express it in the world.

– Bhartrhari’s Vakyapadiya