Water ATM – Yet another slavery weapon
So this type of development current govt is planning for Rural India?
First the news item :
““Water ATMs” are changing how rural areas in India can access clean water. These machines use solar power to dispense clean water for villages, monitor water quality and check supply needs” [5]
From microfinance to water ATM – cronies find ways to exploit bottom of the pyramid. And all democratically elected govt helps them in name of uplifting poors! 😀 Joke !
Piramal group’s Sarvjal project in RJ,MP and GJ.
They charge 30 paisa per ltr. Project looks clean in first go but when you do calculations….here it goes:
Let us assume, avg rural household(Family of 4) uses 16 ltr per day. If the price is 30 p, it will cost them Rs 1752 yearly for avg 6000 ltr water.
What is water tax in second tier city for unlimited water supply? Rs 850 to Rs 1200 (and you get virtually unlimited processed water!)
Even if you consider subsidy of city water and compare, it is open loot!
Annual subsidy per residential connection per year in H’bad is Rs 2028
Water tariff is 2555 (assuming 0.57 m3 daily use and Rs 7 charge for the same).
Real tariff = 2555+2028 =4583
Annual usage is 200 m3 (0.57*365) i.e. 200*1000 ltr = 200000
30 paisa per ltr.
Source: Pg 11 of this report
Pay more and in return get undernourishment.
RO – may look safe by eyes who see enemies in bacteria and viruses. Read about health-risks of deminearalized water.
These sources may give headstart. Doctors in my city now suggest to remove RO at home.