Waning Moon : Charity is honored only when giving is performed to elevate lives and giver is least concerned about own circumstances. And love, higher form of charity where you bestow your emotions unconditionally.

One of my friend once conversed with me that I have dream to charity $ 10 million for society when I will earn $ 1 billion a year. Certainly it is charity but I do not see this as highest form of charity, it will be considered as one of the free time hobby for billionaire.

Let’s take an example:

You find someone in library studying hard for some competitive exams but he is not having enough money to pay exams fees.

Your income is bare minimum, which can only satisfy family needs monthly and remaining is negligible savings but you find higher purpose of your money and someone’s life progressing leapfrog after giving exam and you pay the fees regardless of your circumstances, only because you envision better future for student(Even there is no blood relation) studying in library.

To give away $10 while you earn $1000 is more respectable than waiting for income to reach @ $1 billion.