Do you know why Paint company had to invest tons of money behind Backward Class Bollywood actors’ ad to propagate myth their paint is toxic-free?
• Twenty five samples of popular enamel paints were procured from Delhi markets and
analyzed for lead content by US EPA methodology using Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
in May – June 2008.
• The brands tested were Apcolite (Asian Paints Ltd.), Nerolac (Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd.),
Luxol (Berger Paints India Ltd.), Superlac (Shalimar Paints Ltd.) and Dulux (ICI India Ltd.)
and the colours were yellow, orange, green, black and white (Annexure I).
• Seventy two percent of these samples contained lead much higher than the BIS specification of 1000 ppm and only 28% had lead lesser than 100 ppm

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Modern houses are suffused with harmful chemicals. One of them is lead, present in paints. It is banned in several countries but not in India.

Besides lead, these paints produces dangerous VoC (Now this is popular word as BC-SRK marketed myth.
1900s – Comments by English observers in India

“Purisha of Cow is applied on part of the skin which is inflamed or discolored.”
“Purisha of Cow is used to plaster the walls and floor of the home for its disinfectant qualities”
“Ashes of Cow dung are blanche pearl for Hindu Devotees, vital substance in cosmetic”

The Lancet, Dec 1915 (is the world’s leading general medical journal and specialty journals in Oncology, Neurology and Infectious Diseases.):

12 years research on urea in cow dung suggests that cow dung:
1. is innocuous to animal tissues
2. can work well to heal wounds and is non-toxic
3. works as antiseptic
4. works best as first-aid dressing
5. works best against chronic blood infection


Inoculation of small-pox seems to have been known to Indians from a very early age. Long before Edward Jenner was born, certain classes in Indian, esp. cow-herds, shepherds, has been in the habit of collecting and preserving the dry scabs of cow dung. A little of this they used to place on the forearm, and puncture the skin with needle. It is noteworthy to note that this classes have enjoyed immunity from small-pox.

Cow dung and urine were essential part of Indo-Iranian culture. Unfortunately, this practice now only prevails in remote villages of India. Everywhere else, it is forgotten and replaced by white-wash mania, owing to blind mimicry of western civilization.

Would you still love to live like a educated fools(Better word is literate fools. Educated fool is oxymoron)?