“The modern mind has confounded knowledge or achievement with personality. This confusion has been the ‘ direful spring of unnumbered woes.’ In India it has turned the university graduate into a waste paper basket of odd bits of information, unshaped in character, dwarfed in personality, devoid of faith.

Education in these days is not ‘ leading forth’ of the inmost personality of a man, but imposing fetters of cast-iron, alien thoughts on him. We are mechanized by it, regimented; not led forth to the freedom of ceaseless t Becoming.’ Our curiosity is satisfied. We are given wide attachments and intense dislikes. But the motive power which develops our personality remains unkindled. We are walking frauds. We have intellect divorced from will, belief in ideals which are belied in life. The search after knowledge in some cases leads to ideals shaping life; but in most cases they remain dreams unrelated to life. As a result the modern man does not feel humiliated at his mind being divorced from speech, his speech from action. This two-fold divergence is accepted as inevitable, often as a sign of modernity.”
– Kanaiyalal Maneklal Munshi

In the process of ‘Being’ the mind, the word and the deed must tend to become one. (Kill all nano particles of Hypocrisy) But it is a difficult process-this acquiring of unity. Mind, speech and conduct generally fly away from each other. When I try to co-ordinate these three, I begin my search for the Truth. When I succeed, I reach experiential Reality. I become आत्मवान.

University is where you become आत्मवान. Place that facilitates you in your becoming process. Seek and enroll @ real university, if there none available, strive to build one, become one; or else live life of a walking fraud.


About K M Munshi:
K. M. Munshi was born on 30 December 1887 in the town of Bharuch in Gujarat, and educated in Vadodara (Baroda), where he excelled in academics. One of his teachers at Baroda College was Sri Aurobindo Ghosh who had a profound impression on him.

His political career:

Founder of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (1938)
Home Minister of Bombay State (1937-40)
Agent-General of India in Hyderabad State (1948)
Member of the Constituent Assembly of India
Member of Parliament
Minister for Agriculture & Food (1952-53)
Governor of Uttar Pradesh (1952-57)

In 1959, Munshi separated from the Nehru-dominated (socialist) Congress Party and started the Akhand Hindustan Movement. He believed in a strong opposition, so along with Chakravarti Rajagopalachari he founded the Swatantra Party, which was right-wing in its politics, pro-business, pro-free market economy and private property rights. The party enjoyed limited success and eventually died out. Later, Munshi joined the Jan Sangh.