Urban centers are epicenter of immune system dysfunctions. Those who are raised under the love of mother nature, don’t really suffer anything. In fact, like Lord Shiva, they have Nilkanth (can consume poison and still don’t get poisoned). They can stand straight against all environmental odds. 🙂

With changing climate patterns, our future generations will see more severe environmental conditions. To prepare them, it is must for us to expose them to Nature. If living on farm is not possible, visit farms weekly.


  • Prefer visiting untouched jungle tracks with kids during spring
  • Visit only Farms with Gau shala and natural farming
Raising kids at farm Img:
Raising kids at farm


Farm dust and endotoxin protect against allergy through A20 induction in lung epithelial cells

How farming protects against allergies

People who grow up on dairy farms only rarely develop asthma or allergies. This is probably because as children, they breathe air containing bacterial components, which reduce the overall reactivity of the immune system. Schuijs et al. chronically exposed mice to bacterial endotoxin before they received an allergic stimulus. The protocol indeed protected them from developing an allergic response. Protection relied on a particular enzyme: A20. In humans, a variant of A20 correlates with increased susceptibility to asthma and allergy in children growing up on farms.

Growing up on a farm provides protection against asthma and allergies

Researchers at VIB (a leading life sciences institute in Flanders, Belgium) and Ghent University have successfully established a causal relationship between exposure at a young age to so-called farm dust and protection against asthma and allergies. This breakthrough discovery is a major step forward towards the development of an asthma vaccine. The results of the research were published in the leading journal Science.
It is commonly known that growing up on a farm has positive health efects. A 14-member research team, led by professors Bart Lambrecht and Hamida Hammad (both associated with VIB and Ghent University) has now established a solid scientific basis for the protecting effect against asthma and allergies.