Unrest and Child Development

War and Children
War and Children

Unrest is a vicious circle. The moment it is triggered, it becomes out of control. Unrest is not ordinary chaos but planned or designed chaos in 21st century. Had it been natural chaos, mother nature would equip us with remedies and combat plan for sure. But since 21st century unrest is man-made, we have no option but to suffer the consequences. Or we can act to curb the unrest.

From Syria to Surat (Patidar Andolan), man-made unrest are designed by twisting economic opportunities for the mass. First, Village level Swaraj is compromised and then when the mass becomes slaves of the system, pull out their livelihood. That is what happened in Syria. 6 years of drought (Thanks to climate change actions by fellow-moron humans) and mindless cash-crops for a decade, created a situation that people start fighting with each other.

Do we realize the consequences?

The unrest society becomes breeding ground of socially retarded next generation. Unforeseen future led by mentally unstable (either weak or aggressive) generations.

Here is the case study of pregnant mothers in the vicinity of falling World Trade Center on 9/11.

‘We found an apparent association between maternal
exposure to the WTC disaster and IUGR, suggesting that
this event had a detrimental impact on exposed pregnancies.
This may have been mediated through exposure to PAH or particulate
matter. A number of other birth outcomes, however,
did not differ between the cohorts. Possible long-term effects
on infant development are unclear and will require continuing

Take control of your living. Emerge as strong community. At least when you have pregnancies and infants at home, select peaceful community.


Unrest Impact on children
Unrest Impact on children