Universal diets don’t work because ‘healthy’ foods differ by individual

Globalization is a deepest myth propagated in last 100 years.
Modern medicine is flavor of it.

Even Today, Indian doctors quote British Journal, American Journal and treat patients! What a slavery!

From food to medicine, everything is local in reality. Not only local, personal! Individual!

This is the base on Ayurveda and they call it primitive guess work! What a foolish arrogance modern doctors have!

If two persons with fever visit genuine Ayurvedacharya, both gets different treatment! Unlike idiotic modern medicine! One pill for everyone!

Not only that, food choices changes based on person’s mental state, biological age, season, time of the day, terrain, region and community!

What do we have now?

Pizza for Navratri! Pizza for Diwali! Pizza for Uttrayan! 😀

Replace pizza with any global choice!

We now don’t decide food based on mental state, biological age, season, time of the day, terrain, region and community but what the market bombard on us! Pity!


Personalized Nutrition by Prediction of Glycemic Responses

“Elevated postprandial blood glucose levels constitute a global epidemic and a major risk factor for prediabetes and type II diabetes, but existing dietary methods for controlling them have limited efficacy. Here, we continuously monitored week-long glucose levels in an 800-person cohort, measured responses to 46,898 meals, and found high variability in the response to identical meals, suggesting that universal dietary recommendations may have limited utility. We devised a machine-learning algorithm that integrates blood parameters, dietary habits, anthropometrics, physical activity, and gut microbiota measured in this cohort and showed that it accurately predicts personalized postprandial glycemic response to real-life meals. We validated these predictions in an independent 100-person cohort. Finally, a blinded randomized controlled dietary intervention based on this algorithm resulted in significantly lower postprandial responses and consistent alterations to gut microbiota configuration. Together, our results suggest that personalized diets may successfully modify elevated postprandial blood glucose and its metabolic consequences.”