Some of us, concerned about culture and great legacy, are worried about Western greedy pharma companies invasion in traditional & tribal medicinal gold mines.

I would say – no need to worry. when the way is faulty, success temporary.


So far, evaluation of traditional plants was mainly done to discover new drugs for western medicine. Until last century, they were busy in mimicking natural substances found in plants.Now, they are moving away from chemical based medicines to extract based medicine. Of course, in search of magic bullets. Ultimate aim is to capture multimillion dollar market of western life style symptoms like cancer, AIDS, ADHD, Autism, cardiovascular and brain anomalies. Poor ignorant culture.

Any surprise why Turmeric is getting focus worldwide?

While they are on wrong path of extracting substance, magic lies in multi-herbal preparations. For example, recently I talked about drumsticks bio-enhancer capaicity. Gau-mutra’s bio-enhancing capacity is now well-known. Role played by ghee and honey in herb based medicine is difficult to forget.

Tiwari (2001)[1] has also emphasised that the concept of synergy is central to the holistic approach. The trend of the modern concept to isolate pure compounds may not achieve the desired results, as observed in the natural version. Once an active principle is isolated from the natural product without its synergical associates to support and/or balance its action, it may lose its character as present in its natural form. The isolation and study of a problem from its environment is the beauty of modern science. However, the natural/holistic approach attempts to solve problems by taking these in their entirely, with all their inter-linkages and their complexity. This may be the reason why Ayurvedic preparations have different permutations according to the disease conditions.

[1] Tiwari, Ashok K. 2001. Imbalance in antioxidant defence and human diseases: multiple approach of natural antioxidants therapy. Current Science 81(9): 1179-1186.

So I am not worried about fake delusion of patents. I am worried about rampant consumption of natural resources in the race of capturing billion dollar markets. Not only western pharma, Indians pharma(s) too involved in this robbing activity. Instead of worrying about knowledge theft, worry about protecting natural resources.

Learning science in Dharmic language (Sanskrit or her nearest sister) has many benefits.

For example, word गुणधर्म.

If your child is conditioned for science in English, he or she will discuss properties of matter, chemical, organism with you. But if it is Hindi or any Prakrit language, the word would be close to ‘गुणधर्म’.

Physical matter has गुण(s) and their धर्म is decided based on their गुण(s). Their गुण(s) gives different reactions based on the environment they are in.

Turmeric has Curcumin. Curcumin’s गुणधर्म is identified as potential cancer remedy. But what the most western scientists forget is that for curcumin to work as per its dharma, it needs to be part of Turmeric. Extract don’t work always. गुणधर्म changes with environment. So best is to provide home-ground for Curcumin i.e. Let it be part of Turmeric.

गुण धर्म गुण धर्म गुण धर्म गुण धर्म गुण धर्म गुण धर्म …think about it.

धर्म is everywhere. धर्म is the center.

Curcumin, a substance in turmeric is a major game-changer in Ayurvedic cure. Majority (and almost all) suppliers squeeze turmeric roots for curcumin before making turmeric powder for your kitchen. And this is normal process for all herbs, including Tulsi.

End result?
0) You get dead powder with no Prana Force with hardly any medicinal property left
1) You don’t see health benefits of consuming turmeric (or any herb)
2) Your faith on Ayurvedic treatment reduces over the period of time

Prefer to buy curcumin rich turmeric, directly from farmer, bypassing entire retail chain. If possible, go for organic one. See the difference. Feel the difference.