If your friend helps you in troublesome situation, you feel indebted. You never forget his help and willing to reciprocate same at any time.

If a doctor saves your life, you thank him a million times. You recommend him to all friends and relatives.

If your kid is saved from fatal accident by a unknown person, he or she becomes your family friend and you never forget him or her.

Basically, we humans are, more or less, reverential in nature. A feeling of profound respect for someone or something is natural to us when we are saved.

Tulsi is one such plant which helps us in almost all life style illnesses. If you cannot forget thanking normal human beings for their help, why don’t you revere Tulsi? Arrogance of being human and being superior? Why make fun of those who don’t forget their human values and don’t restrict thanking to humans?


– Cures a fever
– Beats diabetes
– Protects the heart
– Beats stress:
– Dissolves kidney stones
– Beats cancer
– Helps to quit smoking!
– Keeps your skin and hair healthy and glowing
– Heals respiratory conditions
– Cures a headache

In short, if you marry Tulsi with Narayan within you (A life force keeping you alive), you are blessed forever.

After monsoon, microbial activities increases in environment and humans are prone to fall sick. It is the time of Tulsi Vivah when you perform the ritual of marriage and eat Tulsi without fail.

Those who make fun of this ritual, will not only lose benefits of living under the blessings of Tulsi but also suffer every year from cold, flu and fever and wastes life’s precious years in bed 🙂

Do not restrict life favoring rituals to religion boundaries. Embrace them and enjoy life.

Tulsi Vivah is an ageless ritual in Bharat. Vivah is a Sanskrit word. It comes from the root ‘Vah’ which means to hold a responsibility to carry through the stream of life.

When we perform Vivah of Tulsi with Narayana after monsoon every year, it depicts two way responsibilities.

Narayana within us (God within us) to take care world of plants and trees in dry spell of 8 months (Winter and Summer) while Tulsi and other plants/trees to take care Narayana within all of us by saving us from all diseases and provide healthy life throughout the year.

If you develop deep insight into this special responsibility, your life will become supremely fulfilling and joyous as all successfull Vivah becomes.

Will you make fun of your rituals or try to embrace benefits of them?

In your married life, what is that responsibility (social, national, family) that you two, together, take care and nurture and protect? Or it just a love (read lust) bond?