Knowledge or Siddhi or techniques are not bound to any culture, good or bad. Whoever learns and use it, gets fruits. That is the beauty of Sanatana principles. They have no bias of good or bad.

पञ्चतन्त्र says:

शस्त्रैर्हतास्तु रिपवो न हता भवन्ति प्रज्ञाहताश्च नितरां सुहृता भवन्ति ।
Enemies killed by weapons, never die. Total annihilation (सर्वनाश) is possible when their प्रज्ञा/Wisdom is हत/killed .

That is what modern power centers are doing by propaganda machines like Television soaps, PK like movies, money-oriented education and glorification of fake heroes from Cricket, football and movies.

We are at war. Any doubt? Well, if you still have doubt, wait for सर्वनाश then and watch your kids cursing you for stupid surrender to proxy wars played in mind-space.