त्रिलोक or Three worlds are given to each one of us. Our own universe. The physical body universe, the pranic energy universe and the mental universe.
To hold (Protect/Preserve/maintain) त्रिलोक is fundamental tenet of education.The wooden top will continue as long as there is a thrust. But while the movement is going on, it is important to hold the top. Balance the top. Or else, its movement will stop prematurely.
Any school or parents teaching this? How to hold? ब्रह्मचर्य? Once the kid passes age 6-9, he or she should be taught, how to hold the body. Gayatri mantra diksha? जनोइ?उपनयन? If not taught, their tops will disturb other tops’ movements. 🙂 That is the chaos we are in. 🙂 No one is taught to hold. And so we trespass in others’ worlds, create chaos there, invite complex karmic bondage. And the cycle goes on…
Do we really hold our body? Our universe? धारण is very critical duty. To hold, to protect, to preserve, to maintain. We are given entire universe to take care but we fail miserably. And we talk about Yoga and Peace and all. smile emoticon
स दाधार पृथिवीं दिवं च – The one who is real brahmchari, holds the world (i.e. follows dharma and participate in dharma).
“Universe is within” is very easy to talk. Sweet, lucid and delusive. But to really hold the universe within, one must acquire mental and physical Brahmcharya.
ब्रह्मचारीष्णंश् चरति रोदसी उभे तस्मिन् देवाः संमनसो भवन्ति |
स दाधार पृथिवीं दिवं च स आचार्यं तपसा पिपर्ति ||1||
अथर्ववेद: काण्डं 11-5