Planting tree is very sensitive activity. Equivalent to raising children.
No parents wish their children to die prematurely or live painful suffering life.
For the well-being of the tree-life, try to follow during plantation:

• Worship Varuna, Vishnu and Parjanya for the well being of the plant before planting it.
• Worship sapling or seed itself before planting it.
• Make oneself mentally pure and physically clean before starting planting activity.
• Planting in Uttara, Rohini, Anuradha, Chirta, Mrigsira, Ravati, Mula, Vishakha, Tishya, Sravan, Aswini and hasta Nakshatra influences a tree and helps it flourish at best potential.

Reference: Brihat Samhita and Agni puran

Educate children, friends and relatives involved in tree-planting and farming.

Many more to come as I learn….