Traditions are mental inventory of localized biological resources and their usage. Local resources include, and not limited to, plants, trees, animal breeds, crops and species. Information about soil and her varying fertility. Plants and trees that gel together well. It also includes local non-polluting, harmless technologies. Beliefs that play fundamental role in livelihood and health.

Folk songs, folk dance, stories, proverbs, customs, habits, rituals etc.
For any culture, forgotten traditions are more devastating than any other natural calamity. Forgotten traditions means, confused and alien generations, chaotic reactions to mother nature’s actions, thoughtlessness, weak and timid generations.


I am not worried about urbanites. They deserve the upcoming blows, for their arrogant artificial living, away from Mother Nature. I am worried about villagers where traditional knowledge is replaced by factory schools, producing clerks, peons and slaves at large. Youth don’t listen to elders. There is constant bombardment of virtual world (TV, Ads, news, movies, songs). Lost self-reliance. Lost ability to work hard. Lost reverential perspective towards mother.

Traditions are precious. Not all habits transform into traditions. Only time tasted, proven and fruitful habits lasts over multi generations. Trust your grandfather’s experience. It will help much better than your highly paid self proclaimed tunnel visioned consultants, lacking understanding of whole.

To protect traditions, connect yourself with village. Live significant time in village. Re-kindle innocence of local people. Make them realize value of their traditions and ill-effects of fake globalization.

When you get some time free, go and find out last wise men on earth, the grandfather generation. Sit with them, listen them and re-learn traditions.

If your grandfather/mother is alive, spend maximum time with him/her/them!

Trust locals over Ads, media and alike brainwashing tendencies.

Sooner the better. We are in crisis mode.