My personal experience of using Tooth brush for 20 years is that it is nothing but marketing gimmick. More damage than help for oral hygiene.

It is costly. We re-use it without proper cleaning of bristles, as it is difficult to clean after use. After use it is advisable to rinse the toothbrush with water, shake it off and let the toothbrush dry. Who has time to dry it? Our bathrooms are now in bedroom. They hardly have sunlight :D. Drying is skipped in most households (As per observations so far). Even if you take care, it is still a breeding ground for bacteria. Moreover, Bent and worn out bristles of a toothbrush lead to decreased cleaning efficiency.

What’s the best way to brush teeth? Even dentists and dental associations don’t agree [1] 😀 😀

Totally unhealthy practice accepted because of sheer magnitude of marketing!

On the other hand, wooden twigs are never re-used. So all the issues of cleaning and maintenance are gone!

You chew and create your own bristles so there is no bent and worn out led decreased cleaning efficiency!
Chewing gives exercise which is significant missing part in modern toothbrushes.
It is natural tool. Easily bio-degradable. Sustainable! And it does not generate profit for FMCG companies but local community!

Think about it! Take any aspect, economics, health, environment – wooden twigs is the wise option! (Y) 🙂