Eagerly waiting for that real fragrance of mother. Fresh post-rain fragrance of soil.

Following Vedic Hymn gives perfect voice to the intense urge we all have for our mothers. The Vedic praise hymns to the Earth Mother cover a wide range of aspects: physical, organic, metaphysical, ethical and cosmic. No aspect of existence is kept out of its fold.

May we develop/regain back sensitivity to sense mother Earth and live like a responsible son.

Instil in me abundantly that fragrance,
O Mother Earth, which emanates from you
your fragrance which has entered the lotus
where with the immortal Gods at the Sun-daughters wedding
were redolent, O Earth, in times primeval —
instill in me that fragrance.
Your fragrance that adheres to human beings
O Earth, steep us, too deeply in that fragrance
[Atharva Veda, 12.1.23-26]

यस् ते गन्धः पृथिवि संबभूव यं बिभ्रत्य् ओषधयो यम् आपः |
यं गन्धर्वा अप्सरसश् च भेजिरे तेन मा सुरभिं कृणु मा नो द्विक्षत कश् चन ||23||

यस् ते गन्धः पुष्करम् आविवेश यं संजभ्रुः सूर्याया विवाहे |
अमर्त्याः पृथिवि गन्धम् अग्रे तेन मा सुरभिं कृणु मा नो द्विक्षत कश् चन ||24||

यस् ते गन्धः पुरुषेषु स्त्रीषु पुंसु भगो रुचिः |
यो अश्वेषु वीरेषु यो मृगेषूत हस्तिषु |
कन्यायां वर्चो यद् भूमे तेनास्मां अपि सं सृज मा नो द्विक्षत कश् चन ||25||

शिला भूमिर् अश्मा पांसुः सा भूमिः संधृता धृता |
तस्यै हिरण्यवक्षसे पृथिव्या अकरं नमः ||26||

Prepare self to welcome monsoon! Wish you great monsoon! 🙂