Okay, so there are Maggi defenders out there. Calling Ayurveda as bigger source of lead poisoning.

I agree, modern Ayurveda is nothing but chaos. But I would not blame the source for it. We are living in chaotic times so this is natural. Chaos and confusion everywhere.

But that does not stop us to understand fundamentals and resolve the confusions.

How exactly Ayurveda prescribe to treat patients? And why treatment? Is it worth to equate metal usage as the prime purpose of Ayurveda?

Ayurveda teaches concept of स्वभावोपरम principle. Body will tend to restore self to own स्वभाव, own birth prakriti, designed to live best life based on past life karma, current family and environment. (And reason why any revolution really should start by planned parenthood where we invite bodies with better Prakriti and less Vikruti).

Speed of self-healing varies person to person. Not all have developed powerful Manomay Kosh (which actually governs immunity i.e. ability to maintain the optimum self state).

Those who has weak mind and slow recovery, are also needed to run the universe by their selfless duties towards the world. This is the reason Ayurveda intervene. For providing support system for speedy recovery.

This tendency (स्वभावोपरम – innate nature is the supreme state) is inbuilt in all organisms. This tendency is both necessary and sufficient in any organic system.


1. Stoppage of improper use of food and
2. Proper usage of wholesome food

are the two extremely important arms of correct treatment. Both are necessary and in most of the diseases sufficient. Medicines play a minor role if these two arms are properly used. And any Ayurvedic treatment really starts here. Heavy metals and all comes too late into the picture when Vaidhya and family are desperate to correct sickness as early as possible (It was used more often for State leaders who has Dharma bound duty to take care of subjects so they cannot wait for long)

Ayurveda teaches that a living body has powerful self-healing capacities, and whenever a disease afflicts us or a disease-causing factor invades our body, our body immediately starts counter-acting the causal factor toward self-healing without waiting for an external aid or medication Hence a physician should always respect the natural response and should not apply any intervention that might obstruct the ongoing auto-healing process. All external artificial interventions, as far as possible, should be planned in such a way that the organism remains protected by nature. Natural food and diet represent one such attempt, in addition to many other strategies, that an Ayurvedic health provider may recommend. This is called the pro-nature approach of Ayurveda.

Unfortunately, our times is really doomed and so Ayurvedic doctors are blindly in a race with modern medicine and so using faulty ways to treat patients.

About metals : There are precise purification methods. Allied herbs to reduce the Prana of the metals so that body can digest them. Gau mutra is base of all purification. And these methods cannot be performed at mass level.

So avoid mass producers medicines. And it is really difficult to find genuine Vaidhya who has access to all herbs in purest form (not possible if Vaidhya is not living near forest) and Desi Gau.

Better rely on स्वभावोपरम and help body heals self. Yes, one can develop own herb garden and help body in speedy recovery.