Online Activists
Online Activists

I repeat this message again to remind myself as well as my friends that, there is only one life where you can create real impact and it is outside your Facebook wall so it is not worth spending precious hours in petty online debates.

Human thoughts elaborate progress of individual’s intelligence when speech (Face to face verbal Communication) is the harvest of thought and relation between words and mouth that speak is observed carefully. And intellectuals (self-proclaimed) spend infinite time online on petty debates and discussions. Amount of time activists and young politicians spend in online debates is prime indicator of their walk in wrong direction.

How can that be possible in online discussions where face to face meeting is distant reality?

If you want remain true to your self, your conviction, go offline regularly, meet more and more new people and exchange your ideas with them. This is the only way to create critical mass against all our societal issues. Debates are mere intellectual feasts if they are not backed efforts in the field. Go and penetrate self in people, the real faces! Get real!


उमान मान गति संहति सार वर्ण
स्नेह स्वर प्रकृति सत्व मनूकमादै|
क्षेवंमृजोच विधिवत कुशल-वबय
सामुद्रविदवति यात मनागतंवा ।

– वराहमिहिर

If you are clever observer, careful observation of man/woman for his/her height,weight,gait,compactness,strength,complexion,glossiness,voice,natural character,courage,impressions of previous birth,parts of body and natural lustre, reveals past and the future.