Super Hero : Dharma vs Rest
Super Hero : Dharma vs Rest

Western Superhero -> “I am capable enough of doing everything. I can save the world. I am center of the universe. I can destroy all evils.”

Our Superhero -> He takes the driver’s seat. He navigates. He directs. He inspires. He believes in collective actions. He believes in awakened mass. To his best friend, he says: “Do not become a coward, O Arjuna, because it does not befit you. Shake off this trivial weakness of your heart and get up for the battle, O Arjuna.”

Rama was capable to slay Ravana alone but he did not. He did Nation-wide Van-yatra, awakened the mass, took their help and collectively fought.

Look at the go-vardhan picture. It is not just Krishna that is participating.

This universe runs by collective actions. Even Avatar demands it.

So when your child is raised by the stories of Batman and Superman, it is difficult to instill this valuable learning about collective actions. And child may develop false delusion of super-ego.

I would any day prefer stories of Rama and Krishna over Batman and Superman.


  1. Respected Sir,

    This question of mine may be due to my lack of right understanding, but i partially agree with your statement above.. Yes, Rama and Krishna are best examples of of collective actions or Team leadership ( in modren terminology), but even in our dashavatara there was focus on individual superhero in earlier avatars. Only in recent avatars like Rama and Krishna we have heard about mass awakening or navigator or guru, but not in earlier ones. Please correct my understanding…

    • Good one!

      Pre-condition for Avatar to visit our world is that there should be critical mass of humans with Sadhu-vrutti (simplicity). It is not possible without collective actions.

      परित्राणाय साधुनाम विनाशाय च: दुष्कृताम, धर्मं संस्थापनार्थाय सम्भावामी युगे युगे ||


      We can best perceive qualities of human form and hence out of all Avatars, we can best get connected with the later ones i.e. Rama, Krishna, Parshuram. Parshuram being exception here. However, if we consider above pre-condition, collective actions become mandatory.

      You raised a good point! I shall explain in detail in future notes! Thank you!

  2. Thank you for the response… you are right, we easily get associated with Rama and Krishna as there is enough large documentation Ramayana and Mahabharata, even though we don’t have the rightful understanding on the values written within it.

    Also the leadership quality of Rama and Krishna are very different… one leading from the front and other taking the role of the mentor…

    on other point…

    Many people like me want to change for good but totally lost in this rat race. The influence is so huge that it is difficult to come out of this chakravyuha….

    Positive thing is… people are getting there and realizing it, it is just a matter of time ( am hopeful) before we adopt simple and natural living sense.