कालेनोदेति सूर्यः काले नि विशते पुनः |
The sun rises in time and again sets also in time, so should all who are dependent on him.

Are we sync with father sun’s movements? Sleeping time? Wake up time? Meal timings? Resting time?

Prana shakti keeps our body complex nurtured and sickness free. 6 months of uttarayan clear sky is favorable time to do Sun worship and get blessings from him, including prana shakti.

आदित्यस्य नमस्कारं ये कुर्वन्ति दिने दिने |
जन्मान्तरसहस्रेषु दारिद्रयं नोपजायते ||

The people who bow down to the Sun (perform SUryanamaskArs)everyday, poverty does not arise intheir lives for thousands of births. (The people who are punctual in their duties like Sun, never become poor.)

Sickness is a state of poverty. Irrespective of sect, religion and spiritual inclination, this is wonder exercise that gives clarion call to all body cells and put them in motion again, everyday.

An energetic way to start a day.

He is all pervading thread among all sentient beings and non-sentient things. His change in movement affects us. Embrace the change!

मकर संक्रांतिकी शुभकामना!