What is suicide? – A person who kills himself intentionally.
Is killing limited to an event that causes someone to die as if it is possible to issue death certificate? Certainly No, every unattended moment is suicide.

All those moments, when you did not pay attention to reality and delved into thinking/craving/worrying/lusting about unforeseen future is more than suicide – killing oneself, one moment at a time.

**** What is discrimination? it is a broad term indicting the ability to make distinctions between two objects or stimuli and on that basis change behavior, attitudes, thoughts or feelings. When ability to perceive diminish, false signals go to brain and results in wrong fatal decisions(reactions).

Imagine your state when you are very hungry and thinking only about your fav food. That is thinking of sense object while ignoring reality in front of you. Food and hunger is very basic example. There are many more catastrophic object traps that are capable to ruin life mercilessly and we get to know about it in hospital ward.