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I used to write about daily trips to mother nature and  conversation with my son @ Facebook. I will continue doing so here. You can find old notes on Facebook with this tag #KathanDiary . Whenever time permits, I will move them here. I believe, conversations with kids play larger role of education than any school or teacher. Recording my journey for the access of like-minded parents.

So, Today there was rain-break so we took a chance to explore changes in our regular canal road. One of the things we observed was : Water flow. We tracked it. Water from neighboring farm lands was flowing in specific direction.

From farms to small rivulets to medium size canals to the pond! The journey did not stop here. Pond was almost full. Water was flowing somewhere from this pond. We further tracked it and found network of storm water drainage/canal! As we followed, we found two ponds are connected. As soon as small pond is overflowed, water flows to bigger pond and so on. We tracked 10 kms of canal network. We will further explore it, where exactly it ends!

We noted few points:

  • Rain water drainage connecting two ponds is cemented! Utterly foolish idea! This way, we reduce scope of water to get observed by soil! Post-monsoon, this will create mosquito havoc!
  • At several places, gutter were linked to this sacred monsoon water flow! Pathetic!
  • Instead of developing beautiful green patches around canals, they were encroached and were covered! Dark hell passing from neighborhood!

We also discussed how important this network of ponds is. How it can distribute rain water to area where rain-fall was limited. We hope, smart city dreamers realize value of rain water network.

Our next project is to identify all dead or alive ponds in city. Are they connected? How dirty or cleaned they are? Are their banks are cemented or natural?